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The House of Cain

Not in any paperback


The Barrakee Mystery

UK Editions, Pan 1964  


The Beach of Atonement

Lulu.com, 2009


The Sands of Windee

UK Editions; Pan 1964; Australian Editions: Pacific, 1965, A & R 1980


A Royal Abduction

Not in any paperback


Gripped by Drought

Not in any paperback


The Murchison Murders

To be published in July 2009


Wings Above the Diamantina

UK Editions; Penguin 1965, Pan 1973, Pan 1978; Australian Editions: Arkon, 1985,


Mr. Jelly's Business

Australian Editions; Pacific 1965, Arkon, Sydney, 1981; UK Edition: US Edition: Murder Down Under;


Winds of Evil

Australian Editions: Pacific, 1965, Arkon, 1972; Eden, 1990 ; Hinkler, 1994


The Bone is Pointed

Australian Editions: Pacific, 1968, Arkon, 1984; UK Editions: 


The Mystery of Swordfish Reef

Australian Editions: Arkon, 1985; Eden, 1990; US Edition UK Edition: Pan, 1975;


Bushranger of the Skies

Australian Editions: Arkon, 1980 ; Arkon, 1985; UK Edition, Penguin, 1965: as No Footprints in the Bush;


Death of a Swagman

Australian Editions: Angus & Robertson, 1965; Pacific, 1969; Arkon, 1972; Arkon, 1984; Hinkler 1994;  US Editions, 1982


The Devil's Steps

Australian Editions: Pacific, 1967; Arkon, 1980


An Author Bites the Dust

Australian Editions:


The Mountains Have a Secret

UK Editions: Pan 1964, Pan 1975


The Widows of Broome

Australian Editions: Arkon, 1972; Arkon, 1984, Eden, 1988, Hinkler 1994; UK Edition:


The Bachelors of Broken Hill

Australian Editions: Eden, 1990; Hinkler, 1994UK Editions: Pan 1964, Pan, 1971


The New Shoe

Australian Editions: Arkon, 1984; UK Editions: Pan, 1964 - as The Clue of the New Shoe


Venom House

UK Editions: Penguin, 1969; Pan 1977, Australian Editions: A & R, 1990, Hinkler, 1994;  

US Editions: 1988


Murder Must Wait

UK Editions: Pan, 1966, Pan 1975;


Death of a Lake

UK Editions:  Pan, 1964; Pan, 1974; US Editions: 1982

Australian Editions: Hinkler, 1994 ; Duffy & Snellgrove, 1998


Sinister Stones

UK Edition: as Cake in the Hat Box; Pan, 1968, Pan 1975; 

Pan 1983 ; Australian Editions: Hinkler, 1994


The Battling Prophet

UK Editions: Penguin, 1961; Australian editions: Arkon, 1980; Hinkler 1994


The Man of Two Tribes

Australian Editions: as Man of Two Tribes; Arkon, 1972; Arkon, 1981; Hinkler, 1994; Duffy & Snellgrove, 1998. US Editions, 1982


The Bushman Who Came Back

UK Editions: Pan, 1964, Pan, 1971, Pan, 1973 - as Bony Buys a Woman. Australian Editions: 


Follow My Dust!

Not available in any paperback


Boney and the Black Virgin

UK Editions: Pan, 1962; Pan, 1964; Pan, 1971; Australian Editions: Hinkler, 1994; also published as The Torn Branch in US


Journey to the Hangman

UK Editions: as Bony and the Mouse; Pan, 1974;  Australian Editions: Hinkler, 1994


Valley of Smugglers

UK Edition: as Bony and the Kelly Gang; Pan, 1964; Pan, 1974 ; Australian Editions: Eden, 1991.


The White Savage

UK Editions: Pan, 1964, Pan, 1970; Pan, 1973 - as Bony and the White Savage; Australian Editions: Arkon, 1984; Hinkler, 1994


The Will of the Tribe

UK Editions: Pan, 1965; Pan, 1974. Australian Editions: 


Madman's Bend

UK Editions: Pan, 1974; Australian Editions: Angus & Robertson, 1991; US Edition: as The Body at Madman's Bend;


The Lake Frome Monster

UK Editions: Pan, 1964; Pan 1974; Australian Editions: Arkon, 1985


Breakaway House

Australian Editions: 


The Great Melbourne Cup Mystery

Australian Editions: ETT Imprint, Sydney, 1996. French Editions: L'Aube, 2004.


First Editions
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