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bony on tv


From 1972 - 1973 a 26-episode television series was produced by Fauna

Productions with New Zealand actor James Laurenson in the lead.

The series was called Boney, perhaps reflecting Upfield's original intention.

During the 1970s most of the tv-tie-in books had the spelling altered to ‘Boney’ on the covers while retaining the original 'Bony' in the text. None of the 26 episodes is available on DVD; but we are working on it and full details will be exclusive to this site.


EPISODE TITLES                    (Original book titles)         SCREENWRITER


      1.  Boney In Venom House (Venom House) - Tony Morphett

      2.  Boney And The White Savage (same title) - Eric Paice

      3.  Boney Meets The Daybreak Killer (Bony and the Mouse) - Frank Hardy

      4.  Boney Buys A Coffin (The Clue of the New Shoe) - Joy Cavill

      5.  Boney And The Payback Killer - original screenplay by Eric Paice

      6.  Boney And The Reaper (Mr Jelly's Business) - Bob Ellis

      7.  Boney And The Claypan Mystery (Wings Above the Diamantina) - Ted Roberts

      8.  Boney Picks A Widow (The Widoes of Broome) - Ted Willis

      9.  Boney And The Black Virgin (same title) - Peter Yeldham

      10. Boney And The Monster (The Lake Frome Monster) - Bruce Stewart

      11. Boney Takes A Holiday (The Mountains have a Secret) - Tony Morphett

      12. Boney Buys A Woman (same title) - Joy Cavill

      13. Boney And The Black Opal (Cake in the Hat Box) - Ted Willis

      14. Boney Tells A Fortune (The Battling Prophet) - Eric Paice

      15. Boney And The Paroo BikeMan (Madman's Bend) - Peter Yeldham

      16. Boney And The Strangler (Winds of Evil) - Tony Morphett

      17. Boney And The Powder Trail (The Sands of Windee) - Tony Morphett

      18. Boney And The Albatross (The Mystery of Swordfish Reef) - Ross Napier

      19. Boney And The Kelly Gang (same title) - Eric Paice

      20. Boney Hunts A Murderess (Man of Two Tribes) - Tony Morphett

      21. Boney And The Emu Man (Murder Must Wait) - Arthur Upfield

      22. Boney And The Devil's Steps (The Devil's Steps) - Joy Cavill

      23. Boney Walks With Death (The Bone is Pointed) - Eric Paice

      24. Boney And The Burial Tree (The Will of the Tribe) - Eric Paice

      25. Boney And The Silent Order - Eric Paice

      26. Boney And The Black Clansman (Bushranger of the Skies) - Ted Roberts




This brilliant 90 minute telemovie dramatises Upfield's life 1928-1934, and his crafting of the novel The Sands of Windee. It's a wonderful evocation of character and place written by Ian David and directed by Rowan Woods. Robert Menzies as Arthur Upfield is mesmeric. To see a trailer and full production notes click here


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The DVD is available in ABC Shops or you can purchase online here.



For more information of the great tv documentary IN SEARCH OF BONY directed by Lisa Mathews

(broadcast by SBS in 2007) click here

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