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Bony fans should know that as of today, Amazon has decided to not operate on International Copyright Law, despite full knowledge that our KIndles promoted here for them from 2013, were indeed the sole copyright of Upfield's grandson, William Arthur Upfield. Amazon, and Amazon Australia have removed all these from their Kindle sites, and offered instead an Amazon Pirate edition of Mr Jellys Business/Murder Down Under, today October 27 2018; with full knowledge that they have no right to do so.


We implore all Bony fans who have Kindle versions, and want Kindle versions to remain on their Cloud, to email Amazon at every chance, to remind them that International Copyright laws exist and that Upfield's grandson is the copyright holder, not Amazon; and that they should make all Upfield Bony books available in the Eformat version they control.


Noted for the Courts, Tom Thompson, Publisher October 27 2018





All 29 'Bony' crime novels, and 7 other works are now available as ebooks on Google Play:






All 29 'Bony' crime novels, and 7 other works by Arthur Upfield are now available on iTunes




We have recently changed our local distribution to Woodslane, and our electronic transfer of books via Ebook Alchemy. Despite this, we have experienced difficulties with Amazon and Amazon Australia regarding their inability to offer all 29 Inspector Bonaparte novels as Kindles. We are now looking at other options in making Kindles available worldwide, and expect all 29 Bonys to be available in October 2018. Do contact us with any problems you have, through this site. Tom Thompson, Publisher, ETT Imprint



Back in Print worldwide


Out now - Bony 1 - Corrected editions of Bonys 1-5 will be available on Amazon in February 2018: THE BARRAKEE MYSTERY Bony 2 - THE SANDS OF WINDEE Bony 3 WINGS ACROSS THE DIAMANTINA Bony 4 Mr JELLY'S BUSINESS and Bony 5 WINDS OF EVIL.




Two early Upfields, BREAKAWAY HOUSE and A ROYAL ABDUCTION are now available on Amazon. Also three volumes of Upfield's fiction, as collected by Kees de Hoog, are also back in print:


Great Melbourne Cup Mystery now an eBook



Yes, cheaper than buying your own Melbourne Cup ticket this year, completely satisfying and gaurenteed to give you a good result - Upfield's serial based on the attempts on Phar Lap's life before the Cup gives a wonderful view of Melbourne high and low life in the early 30s.

You can sample and buy on Amazon Kindle and iTunes



Beach of Atonement out now



One of the hardest books to find has been Upfield's novel from 1930, now published for the first time in Australia, and available worldwide on Amazon:




Two new Upfields - eBooks


ETT has just published two great volumes of Upfield stories, both selected and introduced by Bony specialist Kees de Hoog. Both out now on Kindle and iTunes on these links:





A memory of Oliver Lodge

Arthur Upfield wrote several books while living at Oliver Lodge in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, between 1940 and 1946, with The Devil's Steps (1946) and An Author Bites the Dust (1948) both being set around these "Australian Alps". Our picture below shows Anne Upfield at Oliver Lodge (photograph by Arthur Upfield, courtesy his grandson William Upfield)



Also of interest is this memory piece of a later family in Oliver Lodge, from an anonymous Bony fan, just received:

My family bought the dilapidated house in approximately 1984. It was previously lived in by a hippie commune, complete with exotic plants growing in the middle of the half acre of blackberry vines on the block next to the house (where the current car park is). The alder trees in the front yard had been ring-barked by their goat that had been chained to these trees. In the first month of living there the central loungeroom ceiling fell in over our heads.  Over the years my parents restored the house and created the structure of the garden you see today.  My parents both artists ran an art gallery from Oliver Lodge. My mother wrote books from the room (that was originally the verandah where Anne was standing in the photo) but when we lived there it had been filled in and used as the sunroom. As far as I know our art gallery was the first commercial business operating at the premises. They lived there for about 13 years. It was then sold and used for various commercial enterprises including a doctors surgery/general practice, B&B accommodation and various owners have used it as a café.


Oliver Lodge had an extremely peaceful and creative atmosphere about it. It was extremely cold in winter before we had gas heating put in, so I don't know how the Upfields managed without electricity and good heating!! The original kitchen had a beautiful view of Silvan reservoir. I loved sitting by the four fireplaces and was always impressed by the grand brick pylons on the front and side entrances.  It was an unforgettable house to live in and will always have a special place in my heart. It is particularly special knowing that the great Arthur Upfield and his family also lived in it many years before us. 



Boney 2 Series now streaming



The second series of  13 episodes is now available for streaming only at $3 per episode, one month viewing. Best viewing is by using Google Chrome as a browser. 

Direct link here - www.bonapartefilms.com




ETT has just produced new editions of these hard to get books, now available as paperback and eBooks on these links,- see link below:




Or downloads are available from iTunes on this link:




THE GIFTS OF FRANK COBBOLD - Upfield's biography of the NSW pastoralist was written in 1935. THE MURCHISON MURDERS - Upfield's own take on the Snowy Rowles Case - has been augmented with photographs. FOLLOW MY DUST was only ever published once in 1957, and is generally coceded as Upfield's autobiography as told to Jessica Hawke. Illustrated.   


Thirteen Episodes BONEY now available streaming




The first series of the original BONEY TV series are now available exclusively streaming live on Bonaparte Films website. Cost is $3 per episode for one month viewing :


CLICK HERE for direct link


Four New Upfields out as eBooks


Four rare early Upfield thrillers can now be found on Amazon and iTunes, with Nook, Mobi and other formats following in May 2015:



AS iTunes...




All Bony books soon available in print Worldwide

All 29 Bony books are now being corrected for publication beginning July 2016.

Our official proof reader on this undertaklng is aptly named - Alec English, seen below with his heroic English barge.  Publication will occur simultaneously in Australia, the UK and the USA beginning in May. Stay tuned...



All Bony available now in Large Print format - order here:



All Bony eBooks available now


All 29 Bony books now at Barnes & Noble on NOOK:



All 29 Bony books are available as Kindles on Amazon :



All 29 are available now on iTunes :



All 29 are available on Android here:




Arthur Upfield on Facebook

Fans of Arthur Upfield can now check out an official Facebook page set up by his grandson William Upfield, which already includes several finds from the Bonaparte Holdings author files. Absolutely recommended on this link


Boney Audios out now!

Bolinda have produced three fine unabridged audio books which can be ordered from anywhere in the world. MURDER MUST WAIT ; THE LAKE FROME MONSTER and THE WIDOWS OF BROOME. You can sample each of these and order all Boneys on this link to Bolinda.



Boney Bibliography In Progress


Jan and Bill Ford (pictured below with a box of Scribner editions) are compiling a full bibliography of every variant printing of Arthur Upfield's detective series as published in English. The most unusual side of this project is that they actually seek to have a copy of each of these books.  They are currently searching for copies produced by J. Hamilton in England and would like to hear from you. Their contact is wpjzford@centurylink.net


Boney fan gifts boxing journals to Library


A unique 9 volume set of journals detailing every boxing bout in Australia from 1922-1963 has been gifted to the State Library of New South Wales by book collector, Dr Stephen Larkin.


These are the only complete boxing results record for that period of Australian boxing’ said ABC Radio’s Australiana specialist Tom Thompson on Tony Delroy’s Nitelife: “They have been hand-written by the editors of the Referee – originally to give Nat Fleischer’s new Ring magazine in the USA the facts about Australian boxing. Later editors of The Australian Ring continued to record the fights of local boxers like Lionel Rose, Tony Madigan and Dave Sands.”


“This will be a boon for local historians as the records show all the bouts around the country, in the NSW Central West for example - Lithgow, Cessnock, Broken Hill, Manila, Wagga and Albury - the obvious Sydney haunts - and how Broken Hill had regular bouts from the 1920s to the mid-1960s.”


Dr Stephen Larkin was a boxer in his youth when, at Sydney University, studying Veterinary Science, he won the University Welterweight title in 1960 and the Light Middleweight title. He was also at the time the State Welterweight Champion and was selected for the 1960 Rome Olympic Boxing squad as the Welterweight representative but had to withdraw - due to a shoulder injury incurred while sparring with Tony Madigan. Madigan went to the Rome Olympics only to lose the Olympic Light Heavyweight semi-final to Cassius Clay, who won Olympic Gold and then turned professional.


“Well the rest is history, just like these journals, “said Thompson, “It’s a great day when hidden treasures like these can now be added to our cultural heritage.”


new upfield volumes


Back in Print!


Breakaway House, hardback 212p

Only 120 copies will be printed of this first United States edition of Breakaway House . Harry Tremayne, a policeman, goes to an isolated valley in the remote Murchison region of Western Australia to find his brother who had preceded him a month earlier to investigate the murder of a police detective. Do the gold smugglers at Breakaway House station hold the answers?


The House of Cain, hardback 276p

This is only one of six novels without Bony written by Arthur Upfield. It was first published in 1932, and republished only twice in 1929 and 1983. Copies of the first and second editions are impossible to find; the third editions are scarce and very expensive to buy.


Go to http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/kdehoog to buy copies or for more information on the Upfield books on this page.




Investigating Arthur Upfield: A Centenary Collection of Critical Essays

edited by Kees de Hoog and Carol Hetherington

The essays were all written after Upfield’s death in 1964 and provide a wide range of responses to his fiction. The contributors, from Australia, Europe and the United States, include journalist Pamela Ruskin who was Upfield’s agent for fifteen years, anthropologists, literary scholars, pioneers in the academic study of popular culture such as John G. Cawelti and Ray B. Browne, and novelists Tony Hillerman and Mudrooroo whose own works have been inspired by Upfield’s.  





  A ROYAL ABDUCTION - Back in Print!

First published in 1932, then followed a small pirate run in 1984, now a new edition of this non-Boney title. During a state visit to Australia in 1928, Her Royal Highness Princess Natalie, heiress to the throne of Rolandia in Europe, is abducted from the transcontinental train at Cook on the Nullarbor Plain by a gang lead by American gangsters. They hide her in caves near Eucla on the Great Australian Bight until the search is called off and ransom is arranged.


GRIPPED BY DROUGHT - Back in print!

Frank Mayne owns a sheep station of about 800,000 acres in western New South Wales. On a visit to England he meets and marries Ethel. They then travel around the world for three years before going home to Australia in the first year of a drought. After two more years of drought and a failed marriage that spawns an orgy of entertainment and other costs, Frank faces ruin.


With Bolinda, ETT has co-published several new Upfield audios and samples of these are available in our Audio section. In 2010 we co-published BONEY AND THE BLACK VIRGIN and on June 28 THE BONE IS POINTED via Bolinda. Listen to a sample here


Carole Hetherington has recently given a paper on BONY AT HOME AND ABROAD: The Arthur Upfield Phenomenon that is well worth visiting- click here



Our long-term correspondent Tony Lang has created a new blog-spot discussing his own discoveries of each of Arthur Upfield's crime novels. We recommend a visit - click here


James Cockington's essay on collecting and investing in today's Sydney Morning Herald focused on Arthur Upfield's novels, with some current values - click here


Tom Thompson

Publisher, ETT Imprint

















Out now from Bolinda Audio

Available here:


Available here:





A Bolinda Audio book, read by Peter Hosking is now available in MP3 and CD - available directly here:







This link will enable you to locate the background places that Upfield used in creating the BONY classic crime novels. Once you are in, just click on the one of the books on the left hand menu and Google maps does the rest!



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